How we work

When performing cleaning, building management, employee renting or any other service, we put a special emphasis to three specific factors. These factors are: our co-workers, our customer service and our tariffs.


1. Co-workers

Building management, office cleaning and employee renting all require a great deal of trustworthiness, considering that we work in buildings of others and for the succes of others. 

That’s exactly why we appreciate and motivate our co-workers – the ones who , through working to a high standard, daily contribute to the success of our clients, developing and maintaining their reputation.

We choose our co-workers based on their capability to do the job, strictly requiring them to adapt to our company’s principles.

When we hire someone, we look for reliability, references, professional exerience and aptness.

2. Customer care

With all our might and main we work to make our clients’ life easier.

To this end, we have built our customer care service on the following principles:

  • Personal contact. With us, customer care is not just a machine voice in the receiver. Quite the opposite: all our clients get acquainted with the operator of the given field, with whom, if needed, they can keep a daily contact.
  • Our staff are available 24/7 either on the phone or by email, so any question or request gets immediately to the person in charge, enabling us to deal with any issue in a swift and efficient manner.
  • The staff performing and co-ordinating the job consist of painstaking, versatile men of great endurance, who take on clients’ problems as if they were their own.
  • We listen to our clients’ opinion. Your feedback continually help us to improve, expand and tailor our services to meet your demands.

3. Our prices

Taking value for money into account, it is easy to see why our clients have chosen LAHA Facility Ltd.Two main elements help us to keep our prices continually at a favourable level:

  • We keep our company expenses at the lowest possible level, working with a small but well-organized staff.
  • In accordance with our business philosophy, we aim for long-term cooperation with our clients, thus using lower profit margins.

If you like our approach, feel free to contact us.

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LAHA Facility Ltd.

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About us

The company was founded with the aim to operate, maintain and clean office blocks and hotels, also providing labour exchange services in the above field, primarily in Hungary. Naturally we undertake jobs in other member states of the European Union, too.

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Daily Cleaning
Lift Maintenance
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LAHA Facility Kft. Cleaning & Managing office blocks, hotels, public facilities.

   Jozsef Toth
   Csaba Kiss  
   István Kormos



Our goal

Our most important aim is to meet our clients’ expectations and demands and do so to the highest standard, in the best quality and in the widest range.


LAHA Facility Ltd.

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